Children who died in Zhanatas – family asks not to spread fakes

Children who died in Zhanatas – family asks not to spread fakes

Children who died in Zhanatas – family asks not to spread fakes

Relatives of the children killed in Zhanatas ask to leave the family alone, reports

The uncle of the father of the deceased children turned to Internet users and asked not to spread rumors, Khabar 24 reports.

He noted that the family is provided with no need to raise funds.

Some say, supposedly, there was no heating in the apartment, they fired with a stove-stove, used heaters. This is all not true! There was nothing like that, and could not be. The daughter-in-law sat at home with the children, went to the store, and the children played with matches. The toys caught fire. It was difficult for the entire people to perceive this tragedy. We are grateful to everyone who shares our grief. Saidmuhammed Abdimalikov

On February 19, a tragedy occurred in the city of Zhanatas, Sarysu district, Zhambyl region. At 15:15 in a five-story building, an apartment on the third floor of one of the city’s microdistricts caught fire. There were five minor children born in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2019 and 2020 in the apartment. They were left unattended – the father was at work, the mother went to the store. The children suffered from carbon monoxide and were urgently hospitalized, but they could not be saved, all five died.

Later, the akim of Zhambyl region Berdibek Saparbayev spoke about the tragedy. He said that the affected family is being provided with the necessary psychological and material assistance and that the issue is under his personal control, and also expressed “condolences and words of support to the families and friends of the deceased children.”

According to preliminary data, the fire in the apartment of a residential building in Zhanatas was caused by an open source of fire hitting the surface of a flammable material.

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