Police will detain drivers without documents

Police will detain drivers without documents

Police will detain drivers without documents

Police officers will detain drivers who do not have identity documents with them, according to zakon.kz.

Kolesa.kz found out what threatens them.

Since February 13, Kazakhstanis have been allowed not to carry their license and registration certificate while driving. But on condition that they have an identity document.

According to part 1 of Article 612 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Republic of Kazakhstan, for driving a vehicle without documents, the driver is imposed administrative responsibility in the form of a warning (if this offense is committed for the first time) or a fine of 5 MCI. At the same time, the police officers carry out administrative detention and delivery of the vehicle to the parking lot, if it is impossible to identify the driver, including in the case when he gives incorrect passport data or does not provide them at all. Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan

In what cases and how the police will identify the driver without documents, they did not specify. At the same time, Article 785 of the Administrative Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan stipulates that in order to establish the identity of the offender, one can detain. And article 789 says that it will not last more than three hours. And finally, Article 797 of the Admkodex establishes that the police have the right to detain and send to the impounding parking lot cars whose drivers got behind the wheel without documents.

Thus, it makes sense not to forget about such trifles as documents when you get behind the wheel.

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