Corporation “Kazakhmys” supported the action “El tiregi

Corporation “Kazakhmys” supported the action “El tiregi

Corporation “Kazakhmys” supported the action “El tiregi

Three thousand needy large families in the holy month of Ramadan received food packages in the Karaganda region. Such support was provided by the Kazakhmys corporation within the framework of the El Tiregi – Elbasy charity action, organized by the Halyk Foundation.

The charitable action is aimed at helping large families who, due to the pandemic and the quarantine measures associated with it, have faced financial difficulties.
On April 23, the Kazakhmys corporation joined this share. Those in need were given fifty-kilogram food baskets, which include essential products: rice, buckwheat, flour, pasta, vegetable oil, stew, sugar, tea and sweets.

Alena Sivtsova, 25, became one of the recipients of a grocery basket in Karaganda. The woman is raising four children alone. The oldest child is 7 years old, and the youngest is only 3 years old. She also has a 10-year-old younger brother in her care.

Due to the age of the children, I cannot go to work yet. We live on the TSA. For four I get 64 thousand tenge. Sometimes this money is only enough for half a month, then you have to borrow food from the store. When I have money, I try to pamper my children with sweets so that they do not feel deprived. But the products are very expensive. It happens that we only sit on bread and pasta. Therefore, we are very grateful for the attention and care of the Kazakhmys fund and corporation. These products will be enough for us for a long time, – said the mother of many children.

Gulnisa ​​Altynbaeva is also raising children alone. She has three of them. A woman works in a pastry shop. But all her salary goes to rent.

It so happened that my husband and I divorced. He doesn’t help us. I have three sons. They are 13.11 and 6 years old. I work, but my salary is only 42,500. I receive TSA. This is what we live on. When I was informed that they would bring a food set, I did not really believe it. Nobody helped us before. Having received three boxes of groceries, I almost shed a tear. Thanks to the management of the Kazakhmys company, the fund and volunteers. Let their good deeds return to them doubly, – says Gulnisa ​​Altynbekova.

“The action” El Tiregi – Elbasy “started on March 17 in all regions of our country. We joined it on April 23 and allocated 73.8 million tenge for the purchase of food baskets. direction for our company. Similar actions will be supported in the future, “- noted in the corporation” Kazakhmys “.

Charitable Foundation “Halyk” plans to hold the event several times throughout the year and encourages representatives of the business community and other charitable organizations to join. To date, across the country, the fund and business have financed the purchase of more than 38 thousand food sets.

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