Slimming ginger: truth or myth?

Slimming ginger: truth or myth?

Slimming ginger: truth or myth?

It is popularly believed that ginger is an excellent weight loss aid. Is this so, answered the Russian endocrinologist-nutritionist Tatyana Filippova, reports

The doctor noted that ginger root contains many useful substances: vitamins C, B1 and B2, calcium, potassium, iron, phosphorus, nicotinic and linoleic acids, etc. Together they accelerate metabolism, improve well-being, normalize blood pressure, strengthen blood vessels. But it is not worth waiting for the excess weight to magically go away.

By itself, ginger and its constituent substances cannot contribute to weight loss and reduce body fat. The belief that ginger contributes to weight loss is akin to finding a magic pill and some magic way to lose weight, ”Fillipova told Channel Five.

According to the expert, success in losing weight can be achieved if you completely rebuild your lifestyle. For example, an office worker can lose weight by going to the pool and skip fast food. It will also reduce alcohol consumption.

If you don’t readjust, ginger will be just a healthy dietary supplement and nothing more.

In order for adipose tissue to be broken down, we need the action of many factors: nutrition as a basis, diet correction, of course, the addition of physical activity and lifestyle correction in general, ”the doctor concluded.

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