Facebook will stop deleting posts about the artificial origin of COVID-19

Facebook will stop deleting posts about the artificial origin of COVID-19

Facebook will stop deleting posts about the artificial origin of COVID-19

Social network Facebook has decided not to remove from its platform publications that the coronavirus was artificially created, according to zakon.kz.

This was reported by the Axios portal with reference to the company’s statement.

In light of ongoing investigations into the origins of the coronavirus and consultations with public health experts, we will no longer remove claims that COVID-19 was created by humans. Facebook representative

They assured that they continue to work with health professionals and regularly update their policies as new data emerges.

Facebook made changes to its policy after the statement of US President Joe Biden that he instructed American intelligence to redouble efforts to collect and analyze information about the origin of the coronavirus. The corresponding report should be provided to him in 90 days. US national laboratories and other government agencies are also involved.

In the summer of 2020, the social network began to notify users who met with inaccurate information about the coronavirus. If a user likes, shares or comments on a post that is later found to contain false information, he will receive a notification.

We are talking about posts that describe false treatments for a disease, or assert the ineffectiveness of social distancing. In accordance with Facebook’s rules, such posts will also be removed from the site.

In February of this year, the social network tightened its policy and began to remove any publications that COVID-19 was created by man. Facebook explained that such a decision was made after consultation with experts, including from the World Health Organization (WHO).

Now posts on the artificial origin of the coronavirus will no longer be deleted. At the same time, the social network will continue to block records that vaccines are toxic, dangerous or cause autism, that they are ineffective, and that getting sick with COVID-19 is safer than getting vaccinated.

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