Fear will get infected – Kazakhstanis give up pets

Fear will get infected – Kazakhstanis give up pets

Fear will get infected – Kazakhstanis give up pets

Kazakhstanis are increasingly abandoning pets because of the ridiculous fear of contracting coronavirus, reports zakon.kz.

Veterinarians categorically deny this possibility, Astana TV reports.

With the onset of the pandemic, shelters and trapping centers for stray animals are overcrowded. The reason was informational stuffing that tetrapods are spreading COVID-19.

People write to us that they want to get rid of the cat because they are afraid. Although, when the pandemic began, they wrote: “We have a cat, we are afraid, take it away.” We had to conduct long explanatory conversations for a very long time, we wrote posts. But all the same, many cats were on the street, even pedigree. founder of PF “Kotopes” Marina Lezhneva

It turned out that the coronavirus in cats began to be detected back in 2007. The tailed beetles are still suffering from the infection, but it is simply impossible to transmit it to a person, veterinarians assure.

There is, for example, the plague of dogs, but people do not get sick of the plague of dogs, they have their own plague, which was in the Middle Ages. The same is with the feline coronavirus, they have it, yes, it manifests itself in the form of mainly viral peritonitis, vascular disorders. But he has nothing to do with human coronavirus. Chief Physician of the Center for Veterinary Medicine Anna Ametova

Animals are not dangerous, they launched flash mobs with the tag “I’m not dangerous” where people put their pets. They just stopped taking animals. Take for fear that it might be contagious to them. President of the PF “Kare-Care” Yulia Kovalenko

Nevertheless, Kazakhstanis continue to take their cats and dogs to shelters or simply throw them out on the street. By the way, caring owners can vaccinate their pets. According to experts, a coronavirus vaccine for animals has long existed.

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