Late Night: Restaurants in Amsterdam

Late Night: Restaurants in Amsterdam

Late Night: Restaurants in Amsterdam

Even for a local it is not easy to find a great restaurant for a late dinner in Amsterdam. Many locals would name Brasserie Bark when asking for a restaurant for a night out. Especially during the week, many restaurants close the kitchen after 9 pm. This list of the 10 best restaurants in Amsterdam to go to for dinner is the answer to your craving for good food.

While some cocktail bars, such as Tunes Bar at the Conservatorium Hotel, serve food after midnight, it’s not the full dining experience you’re looking for. The dinner scene in Amsterdam is mainly centered around the concert hall and the museum quarter, with the Nes where all the smaller theaters are located. Or the restaurant’s cuisine is internationally oriented and the hours are adapted to the country of origin, as in A La Plancha, Bazar and Pata Negra.

Other new nightlife hotspots have opened their doors in Amsterdam in recent years. Contemporary venues with a focus on burgers, grills and BBQ and a younger and hipper crowd. Here you can enjoy a juicy burger or other bar food until the morning hours.

No matter what you’re looking for, you’ll find what you’re looking for with the 10 best restaurants for dinner on this list. From posh and classic restaurants to hip and trendy eateries.

Julius Bar &  Grill

Julius Bar & Grill is a new restaurant in De Pijp, where Witteveen once stood. Julius Jaspers, co-owner of Julius Bar & Grill, is a popular Dutch TV chef and previously owned various restaurants in Amsterdam. Julius Bar & Grill is all about grilled meat and fish. Everything here is about high quality products, so only the best meat and fish are used. Reasonably priced wines are also excellent. Actually… all the food is very affordable. You can enjoy a burger at Julius for only 15 manats. This place is also great for a family dinner or a home-cooked (or grilled) meal with friends.

is recommended for Night Night because: On weekends, Julius Bar & Grill is open until 2 a.m. and the kitchen doesn’t close until 11 p.m.

Anne’s expert advice: If you ask nicely, you can take home homemade sauces with cool bottles.

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A La Plancha

A La Plancha

Photo courtesy of Eric

If you are looking for an authentic tapas restaurant in Amsterdam, A La Plancha is one of the best options. It is located in a small street in the center of Jordan and is perfect to go for dinner with friends or your love. It’s a small restaurant with a huge bar and only a few seats in the back. The best place to enjoy tapas is at the bar. The Spanish hosts will make sure you have the best evening. Ask them for their recommendations of the day or choose one of the delicious dishes on display at the bar.

is recommended for Night Night because: As dictated by Spanish culture, A La Plancha is open for dining after midnight.

Anne’s expert advice: A hidden gem and the best kept tapas restaurant secret in Amsterdam!

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Photo courtesy of Bazaar

Enter the world of market food. Once a church, the building has high ceilings and is full of colour, character and beauty. The restaurant serves North African, Iranian and Turkish cuisine, where you can choose from a delicious menu or daily specials; you can’t go wrong anyway. As the establishment is located on the Albert Cuypstraat, it is a great place to start your morning before exploring the market. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, Bazar is a great place to have lunch with friends. Main courses start from just 9 euros,-! Try to get a table on the upper level; looks at the bar.

is recommended for Night Night because: You can order delicious meze and other North African dishes at the market until midnight.

Anne’s expert advice: Abduhl’s starter is the best on the menu!

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Brasserie Harkema

Brasserie Harkema

Photo courtesy of Brasserie Harkeman

Brasserie Harkema is located in the heart of Amsterdam. This modern, stylish restaurant allows you to dine in style. Come for a great lunch or dinner. Traditional French cuisine always incorporates fresh ingredients. Plus, they have a separate gluten-free menu that includes most of their dishes. Make sure you stay well hydrated during your meal with the restaurant’s own mineral water. Harkeman has its own internal water purification system. If you’re not a fan of mineral water, you can always ask for tap water at no extra cost. When the weather is nice and the sun is shining, relax outside in the shade. You will sit on one of the rainbow colored chairs on the terrace. Overall, Brasserie Harkema offers a pleasant, tasty dining experience.

is recommended for Night Night because: Brasserie Harkema is located in the heart of the theater district and is the number one restaurant to go to for a post-show meal.

Anne’s expert advice: This place is ideal for a quick bite to eat before a performance at the theater.

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Image courtesy of Your Little Black Book

Located in the boutique hotel Sir Albert, not far from the Albert Cuypmarkt and the Museum Quarter, Izakaya offers delicious Japanese food for sharing, as well as carefully crafted cocktails and on-the-go wine to complement any meal. Izakaya, whose name is best translated as “pub” from Japanese, provides a simple, authentic and welcoming environment; it is the perfect place to relax on the terrace or spend an elegant evening. At Izakaya, you will experience Japanese food at its best. The menu at the izakaya is excellent. The dish is perfect for sharing with the whole table, like Asian tapas. Gyosa is very good and a must try!

is recommended for Night Night because: This is the best Japanese restaurant in Amsterdam with late-night joint dining on weekends.

Anne’s expert advice: Japanese style tapas perfect for sharing! Be sure to try the crab with wasabi.

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Pata Negra

Pata Negra

Image courtesy of Your Little Black Book

If you ask a local in Amsterdam about the most famous tapas restaurant in the city, they will mention Pata Negra. Although this place is mentioned in every guide book, it is still very popular among locals and tourists alike. It’s always crowded, so don’t be surprised if you have to wait a little while until your table is ready. The menu at Pata Negra is a typical tapas list. Great dishes are bacon relish, blue cheese salad, albondigas (meatballs) and calamari. The dishes are served to the table when they are ready, and Pata Negra is perfect to go with a group of friends or as a couple. It is located on one of Amsterdam’s best shopping streets, the Utrechtsestraat.

is recommended for Night Night because: This tapas bar may look a little touristy, but it’s one of the best places for Spanish tapas after midnight.

Anne’s expert advice: Try dades with pork. Very tasty!

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Spend time sightseeing near the Museumplein or catch a classical concert at the beautiful Concertgebouw. End the day with a sumptuous dinner at De Knijp, one of Amsterdam’s favourites. Known for both traditional and modern Dutch dishes, De Knijp is a place you won’t want to miss. Using only fresh ingredients and produce, the menu changes four to five times a year, so you can come back time after time and discover something new. The kitchen is also open late, allowing you to stop in for a meal whenever you want. The ambiance and service will complete the experience.

is recommended for Night Night because: De Knijp is a legend in Amsterdam, especially when it comes to dinner around the museum district.

Anne’s expert advice: The kitchen is open late, so you can stop by after a night in the theater district.

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Photo courtesy of The Butcher

If you want a quality, juicy hamburger, the butcher is the place for lunch. One look at the menu will make your mouth water. The foundation of every good burger is beef. This burger bar uses Aberdeen Angus beef. Plus, literally, the chef uses the freshest ingredients and homemade bread. Some of the great combinations include The Butcher burger with lettuce, tomato, grilled onion and gherkin, The Babaganoush, a secret recipe grilled eggplant puree mixed with tahini and spices, and The Daddy, a huge 250g burger with Edam cheese. bacon, BBQ sauce and fried onions. The butcher also offers other sandwiches, such as the Butcher’s Wife’s Favorite, a chicken sandwich with tomatoes, grilled onions and rocket leaves, or The Codfather, with fresh cod, fries and tartar sauce. Enjoy your choice in a modern, stylish interior.

is recommended for Night Night because: Yes, you can buy a burger from the Butcher after midnight. But even more, reserve your table at The Secret Kitchen and find out!

Anne’s expert advice: Make a reservation at the Butcher’s “Secret Kitchen”!

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Brasserie Bark

Brasserie Bark

Photo courtesy of Brasserie Bark

Prepare yourself for a divine meal. Brasserie Bark offers a wide range of seafood from sole and swordfish to deep sea lobster. The restaurant respects the seasons and ensures that the seafood is of the highest quality. For starters, fried creamy St. Includes Jacques and oyster chowder. It is better not to fill the snacks. For the main course, you have many options to choose from: half or whole lobster prepared to your specifications; half a grain of oysters; grilled salmon with pasta and pesto; stuffed fish soup; grilled shrimp with garlic; and more. Located in the museum district, the restaurant is popular among concert and theater lovers. Brasserie Bark allows visitors to enjoy dinner before the show or stop by after the show, as the restaurant has late-night food.

is recommended for Night Night because: Brasserie Bark is an all-time favorite and one of the only places in Amsterdam where you can eat lobster after midnight.

Anne’s expert advice: Try Au Fruit de Mer! This is fascinating.

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Photo courtesy of Bar Hoof

Reguliersdwarsstraat was once the heart of Amsterdam’s gay scene. Now there are many cool and trendy restaurants. Most of them are owned by restaurant and club entrepreneur Casper Reinders. Huf is the newest addition to the restaurant and bar scene on this lively street. This cafe is located next to the restaurant Bar Paul. Together, Bar Paul and Bar Huf are an ode to Duch photographer Paul Huf. But let’s talk! The food at Huf is clean and a bit rough. Like home cooking from your mother. On the menu, you’ll find sausage and Philly cheesesteak, as well as cheese fondue.

is recommended for Night Night because: Huf, a bar and grill on Reguliersdwarsstraat, is one of Amsterdam’s hottest nightlife spots.

Anne’s expert advice: This is one of the newest hot spots and great for comfort food or cheese fondue!

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