The best restaurants on the Western Canal Ring: Restaurants in Amsterdam

The best restaurants on the Western Canal Ring: Restaurants in Amsterdam

The best restaurants on the Western Canal Ring: Restaurants in Amsterdam

The Western canal ring, which stretches from Singel to Prinsengracht and is bordered by Brouwersgracht to the north and Raadhuisstraat to the south, is an absolutely beautiful area of ​​Amsterdam. During the day, this neighborhood is picturesque and charming, and at night, the canals magically light up like a fairy tale wonder. But one thing is certain. This region offers delicious food at any time of the day.

Rent is a cozy cafe perfect for breakfast or lunch. De Vergulde Gaper and Spanjer en van Twist offer lovely sunny terraces for lounging in the afternoon. Pancake Bread is about a favorite Dutch food: pancakes. This restaurant is suitable for the whole family, serving more than 75 different types of pancakes and omelets. Plus, you have the opportunity to dine in a historic building that was a former warehouse of the Dutch East India Trading Company. Werck also allows you to dine in Westerkerk’s former coach house.

Seasons, Spanjer en van Twist, Lieve and De Belhamel all serve menus that change with the seasons. De Belhamel is great for a romantic evening, while the Belgian Restaurant Lieve offers three different dining environments, each with its own menu and decor. Chez Georges, on the other hand, is known for its excellent French cuisine and Tasca Bellota for its Spanish tapas and paellas.

De Vergulde Gaper

Photo courtesy of De Vergulde Gaper

Located on the corner of Prinsenstraat and Prinsengracht, De Vergulde Gaper is a year-round delight. Join the mixed crowd at this cozy cafe. Weather permitting, secure a spot on the sunny terrace, kick back, relax and cool off with a refreshing drink or light lunch. Come inside during the cold winter months and warm up with a delicious dinner and drinks. Choose from a variety of sandwiches, omelettes and salads for lunch or burgers, ravioli, steak and more for dinner. choose from Don’t miss the meal of the day for 11 EUR. De Vergulde Gaper also serves finger food such as bitterballen, perfect for those wanting a small snack. Be sure to shop around. The place used to be home to a pharmacy, hence the name “covered yawn”.

is recommended for The best restaurants on the Western Canal Ring because: Located in a former pharmacy, De Vergulde Gaper offers a casual atmosphere to enjoy a good meal or a few drinks with friends.

Jessica’s expert advice: The meal of the day is 11 euros

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Courtesy of Fotostudio Leeman

It’s not every day you get to dine at a former coach’s house. Restaurant Werck offers you an opportunity, as this space used to be the practice house of the Westerkerk (West Church). Today, Werck is a trendy restaurant located next to the Anne Frank House overlooking the beautiful Prinsengracht. For lunch, order one of the sandwiches, salads or burgers. For lunch, choose from an à la carte or three-course menu. You can also stop for a snack and a drink, maybe a nice glass of wine. Relax in the garden when the weather permits. If you want to have fun, come on a Friday or Saturday night when Werck turns into a club. You’ll find a little bit of everything playing: soul, funk, latin, techno, house and more.

is recommended for The best restaurants on the Western Canal Ring because: Werck lets you dine in Westerkerk’s former coach house.

Jessica’s expert advice: The restaurant turns into a club on Fridays and Saturdays

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Cafe Rental

Cafe Rental

Image courtesy of Caf?© Letting

Rent is a cozy cafe that will satisfy all appetites. Stop by for breakfast, lunch or an early dinner. For those looking for a little something to start the day, enjoy a poached egg on toast or a fresh croissant with homemade jam. If you’re downright hungry, a stack of American pancakes with bacon and maple syrup, poached eggs with smoked halibut, or an omelet jam packed with ham, tomato and onion are just a few options that will do the trick. For lunch, choose from items such as homemade soup, chicken Caesar salad, or a variety of sandwiches. You can also enjoy high tea if you like. Be sure to order one of the fresh juices or smoothies. Whatever time of day you come, sit back, relax and enjoy.

is recommended for The best restaurants on the Western Canal Ring because: Cafe Letting caters to appetites of all sizes, large and small.

Jessica’s expert advice: Order one of the fresh juices or smoothies and be sure to try the homemade jam

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Chez Georges

Chez Georges

Photo courtesy of Chez Georges

Chez Georges is a small restaurant serving classic French cuisine. The space is a little on the small side, but the layout of the restaurant makes for an intimate and almost personal dining experience. The products are always fresh and of high quality, resulting in delicious meals worth enjoying with your family or friends. Appetizers include smoked salmon; shrimp in escargot oil; Grilled Scallops with Sweet Potato Cream and Hollandaise Sauce. If you want to taste several dishes, order the “Comme chez George”, “Gastronome”, “Gourmand” or “Cuisine De Marche” menu. For example, “Gourmand” consists of seven fish and meat dishes. Reservations are highly recommended.

is recommended for The best restaurants on the Western Canal Ring because: Chez Georges, an intimate restaurant serving classic French cuisine, offers guests a menu that allows guests to sample a variety of flavors and dishes.

Jessica’s expert advice: Weekdays are best for walking without reservation

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Belgisch Restaurant Lieve

Belgisch Restaurant Lieve

Photo courtesy of Lieve

You will fall in love with Lieve, a Belgian restaurant in the heart of Amsterdam’s canal district. The quality restaurant offers three distinct dining atmospheres, each with its own personality and decor. For example, Moms Kitchen Table is bright and warm, full of comfortable seating and serves a three-course menu. Another, Belgian Baroque, offers tapas-style dining in an elegantly decorated room, serving several small plates per course. And Mrs. Bubbles serves an extensive four-course dinner. The menu changes seasonally and consists of typical Belgian products, dishes and desserts. Afterwards, relax among the books and have a cigarette or smoke in the smoking room.

is recommended for The best restaurants on the Western Canal Ring because: Belgian restaurant Lieve offers three different dining environments, each with its own unique style.

Jessica’s expert advice: Lieve also offers a gluten-free menu

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Spanjer and Van Twist

Spanjer and Van Twist

Photo courtesy of Spanjer en Van Twist

Spanjer en van Twist, a cozy restaurant in the heart of Amsterdam overlooking the beautiful Leliegracht, likes to keep things fresh. Every season the restaurant changes its menu. Plus, you’ll find different specials offered every day, so you always have something new and exciting to try when you visit. Stop by, sit on the terrace or sit inside, either upstairs or downstairs, and enjoy a delicious, affordable meal. If you’re not that hungry, order a small snack or a cup of coffee and a sweet treat. It’s also a great restaurant to take a break from sightseeing as it’s close to the Anne Frank House and the Westerkerk.

is recommended for The best restaurants on the Western Canal Ring because: Spanjer en van Twist, overlooking the beautiful canal, serves a seasonal menu and always has a daily special.

Jessica’s expert advice: Try to get a spot on the lovely canal-side terrace

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Pancake Bread

Pancake Bread

Image courtesy of The Pancake Bakery

Enjoy a meal with the whole family at The Pancake Bakery. Family members of all ages will love this place. As the name suggests, The Pancake Bakery is famous for its delicious, affordable pancakes. Come for breakfast or order pancakes for lunch or dinner. The restaurant offers everything from traditional pancakes with bacon, cheese or apple to internationally inspired specialties such as Greek pancakes with lamb and tzatziki sauce or Norwegian pancakes with salmon, sour cream and cream cheese. Don’t forget to drizzle some syrup over the pancakes as you ordered and to your taste. You will find a bottle sitting on the table. Fun fact: The Pancake Bakery is located in one of the old warehouses of the Dutch East India Trading Company.

is recommended for The best restaurants on the Western Canal Ring because: Located in a former Dutch East India Trading Company warehouse, the Pancake Bakery offers a wide variety of pancakes and omelets.

Jessica’s expert advice: Order one of the international pancakes

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Tasca Bellota

Tasca Bellota

Photo courtesy of Tasca Bellota

Located on Amsterdam’s magical canal belt, Tasca Bellota is a one-hole gem you can’t miss. Located on the Herenstraat, this cozy restaurant specializes in Spanish tapas, as well as a variety of paellas, including Paella de Mariscos and Paella Valenciana. The kitchen is open, so you can watch the chefs at work. Delicious food is beautifully prepared and cooked to perfection. Drink, perhaps the wine of the month, and lose yourself in culinary delights and festive, musical sounds. It’s a great place to get together and meet good friends in a fun, relaxed environment. One of the owners is also Venezuelan, so sometimes you’ll find unique specials on the menu, like arepas or themed evenings.

is recommended for The best restaurants on the Western Canal Ring because: The cozy restaurant serves Spanish tapas and paellas in a colorful, cheerful atmosphere. Plus, the staff is super warm and friendly.

Jessica’s expert advice: Come to one of the Venezuelan themed evenings.

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Restaurant De Belhamel

Restaurant De Belhamel

Photo courtesy of Restaurant De Belhamel

Share a romantic evening with your sweetheart at De Belhamel. This restaurant has a warm, welcoming atmosphere and boasts a beautiful view of the canal. In summer, you can even sit outside on the terrace. De Belhamel offers an a la carte menu and a seasonal menu, offering many delicious options to choose from. They also have a lunch and group menu. The chefs mainly use French and Italian cuisine, but also combine various European flavors. Main dishes include lamb, poached haddock fillet and baked gnocchi.

is recommended for The best restaurants on the Western Canal Ring because: De Belhamel serves great food in a romantic setting.

Jessica’s expert advice: Ask for a table by the window or outside on the terrace in summer

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Season Restaurant

Season Restaurant

Photo courtesy of Melissa Adams,

Tis the season for delicious seasonal dishes at Seasons Restaurant. When you dine at this casual Amsterdam eatery, you have the option of creating your own two- or three-course meal. A three-course dinner includes a starter, main course and dessert. If you choose only two courses, you can decide whether you want a starter or dessert in addition to your entree. If you want, you can also order a la carte. Bring a friend, family member or the love of your life on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 4-6pm and Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 5-6pm; restaurant offers buy one get one free where another eats free.

is recommended for The best restaurants on the Western Canal Ring because: Seasons lets you create your own two- or three-course dinner. Choose from their seasonal menu.

Jessica’s expert advice: At certain times, the second person can eat for free

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