Best Amsterdam Lunch Restaurants: Top 10 Best Restaurant Reviews

Best Amsterdam Lunch Restaurants: Top 10 Best Restaurant Reviews

Best Amsterdam Lunch Restaurants: Top 10 Best Restaurant Reviews

The Dutch like to keep their dinners simple. Nothing says “eat” like a broodje (Dutch for sandwich). Served cold, lunches usually include a variety of nutritious, hearty breads and toppings such as ham, cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes. The Dutch also enjoy hot food. Warm soups such as toasted or toasted sandwiches and ertwen (split pea) soup are especially popular during the winter months.

So start your day with a bite to eat. Postpone shopping or sightseeing and take time to grab a bite to eat. 10Best has compiled a list of the best places to rest your feet and recharge your batteries.

Choose any sandwich under the sun at Singel 404. They have every top you can imagine. Head to Café Nielsen’s for a club sandwich, or if you’re a soup lover, stop at Soup en Zo. You will be in heaven. Want to enjoy lunch with a view? Make your way to the third floor of Calvertore and discover Blue; offers a 360-degree panorama of the city. Dine at Hannekes Boom and surprise yourself. The menu changes daily. In addition, you can relax along the water. If you really can’t stop shopping, try Latei. Everything (well, almost everything) is for sale, even tables and chairs. No matter what you choose, you’ll be amazed by the delicious things Amsterdam has to offer.

Restaurant Brix

Photo courtesy of Restaurant Brix

Restaurant Brix offers a balanced mix of good music and delicious food. The dark wood tables and ambient lighting contrast nicely with the brick walls and fun artwork. This combination creates a pleasant and inviting atmosphere that is perfect for any occasion. Try one of the mouth-watering sandwiches like the caprese or chicken club, or order a hamburger or croquette. Pair your choice with an alcoholic beverage like coffee, juice or smoothie, or even beer. Brix even features live music on Sundays and Mondays. Melodies add a nice touch to any meal, so why not visit Brix in the heart of Negen Straatjes (Nine Little Streets) for your next meal.

is recommended for Lunch because: A creative combination of music and delicious culinary delights creates a pleasant atmosphere.

Jessica’s expert advice: Brix offers live music on Sundays and Mondays.

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Image courtesy of Latei

Latei is truly a unique place where customers can dine and shop at the same time. Everything (well, everything with a price tag) is for sale: furniture, wallpaper, lighting fixtures, olive oil, etc. The cafe certainly has an unusual collection of items. If you’ve come for lunch, you’ll find fresh, organic food, as well as great coffee and juices, as the menu changes seasonally. Lunch options include soups and sandwiches. You can always order a slice of homemade apple pie. The place is small so you may have to wait for a seat. However, you can always share a table with someone. Latei and its fun atmosphere promises a memorable experience.

is recommended for Lunch because: Latei is definitely a cafe full of character. Almost everything is sold, and the food is organic.

Jessica’s expert advice: Meet someone new. Offer to share a table.

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Soup and Zo

Soup and Zo

Photo courtesy of Soup en Zo

Soup en Zo is truly a soup lover’s paradise. There are at least eight different (and creative) soups on the menu, which rotates daily. The owners ensure that about half of the options are vegetarian. Soup en Zo uses fresh ingredients and organic meat that promises healthy, tasty and satisfying food. Each soup order comes with a roll. If you’re not in the mood for soup or looking for something extra, the restaurant also offers salads. Service is friendly and fast. Plus, if you’re on a bike, the restaurant will give you a special bag to carry the soup home so it doesn’t spill out.

is recommended for Lunch because: The shop serves delicious soup made with fresh, tasty ingredients and organic meats.

Jessica’s expert advice: If you are on a bike, ask for a special bag to avoid spilling the soup.

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Tokyo Cafe

Tokyo cafe

Photo courtesy of Tokyo Cafe

Sushi lovers from all over the world will rejoice at the thought of Tokyo Cafe. Located near Spui and Kalverstraat, Tokyo Cafe is a delicious Japanese and sushi restaurant. Take a break from shopping or sightseeing and stop for lunch. Plan a fun day with friends and get your fill. You’ll find fresh, delicious sushi and appetizing Japanese specialties on the a la carte lunch menu. Start with miso soup or salad. Then order some rolls and some pieces of nigiri. The trick? Mix and match. Try something new. Order what you want. You can get your favorites at Tokyo Cafe. In the evening, take all you can eat.

is recommended for Lunch because: Tokyo Cafe is an affordable sushi restaurant, you can eat a la carte menu during the day and in the evening.

Jessica’s expert advice: Invite friends and family; the more you have, the more different flavors you can get.

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Hannekes Boom

Hannekes Boom

Image courtesy of Indysign Communicatieadvies Amsterdam – Pim Evers

Go to Hannekes Boom and secure your spot on the beautiful sunny terrace. Find a seat at one of the many picnic tables or lounge in one of the bean bags. If it’s chilly, settle into one of the comfy chairs inside. Enjoy an affordable, relaxing lunch by the water with friends or family. The menu changes daily or weekly, so you’re in for a surprise. Moreover, the restaurant is known for its creativity and the ingredients are always fresh. Listen to music, chat with other guests or maybe dance a little while you eat. Just have fun – that’s what Hannekes is all about. You can come by different means of transport, whatever is easiest for you: foot, bicycle, boat, train, tram and car. However, foot, boat or bicycle is recommended.

is recommended for Lunch because: Hannekes Boom allows you to enjoy dining along the water and relax on the sunny terrace.

Jessica’s expert advice: If you want to eat somewhere else, Hanneke will prepare a picnic for you.

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Bakken met Passie

Bakken met Passie

Bakken met Passie

Bakken met Passie, translated from English as “Baking with Passion”, offers the opportunity to eat in a bakery. Indulge your senses. Taste the passion in every bite. Savor every last ounce of love that went into making these delicious works of art. The bread is made entirely from scratch and baked in a stone oven. Bakken met Passie also uses fair trade chocolate and organic eggs. If you have a sweet tooth, you should try one of the delicious pastries or cakes. Whether it’s a sandwich or a sweet treat, all of the bakery’s products are to die for.

is recommended for Lunch because: Bakken met Passie offers dining in a bakery setting.

Jessica’s expert advice: If you have a soft spot for sweets, you must try one of the pastries or cakes.

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Cafe Nielsen

Cafe Nielsen

Photo courtesy of Café Nielsen

Café Nielsen will immediately grab your attention. The facade is beautifully decorated with large baby blue flowers. There are three levels inside. The walls are decorated with magazines and artwork, and fresh cut flowers brighten the room. The main level focuses on the counter and chandelier. One of the homemade baked goods, like Banana Nut Bread or Lemon Tart, usually sits on the counter. The upper level offers comfortable, cozy seating, while the lower level is home to the open kitchen. The family-run cafe is known for its club sandwiches, which offer five different varieties. The menu also includes salads, daily quiche and many specials, many of which are vegetarian.

is recommended for Lunch because: Café Nielsen is known for its club sandwiches and good value.

Jessica’s expert advice: Café Nielsen also offers some delicious vegetarian options.

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Image courtesy of Blue°

Take a break from shopping or sightseeing and grab a bite to eat. Go up to the third floor of Kalvertoren shopping center and you will meet Blue. When you take the second step from the elevator, you will find yourself completely surrounded by a beautiful 360-degree view of the city. Admire the beauty of Amsterdam from above. See as far as the eye can see and take it all in. The menu offers a variety of dishes to choose from, including a hot lunch: eggs, sandwiches, pasta, hamburgers and steak. Snacks and sweets are also available for those with a light appetite. The whole experience is completed by the friendly and welcoming Blue crew.

is recommended for Lunch because: Mavi boasts of a beautiful 360-degree view of the city and provides an ideal setting for enjoying lunch.

Jessica’s expert advice: The restaurant has Wi-Fi; you just need to ask for a password.

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Photo courtesy of Bussia

If you’re looking for a sit-down, stylish dinner, look no further than Bussia. Located in Negen Straatjes, or Nine Little Streets, this chic, romantic restaurant focuses on creative Italian cuisine. Choose from a three- or four-course dinner option that rotates weekly. Both options come with a main course and dessert, with three courses offering you a choice of primo, pasta or risotto as a starter, and four courses with a choice of primo and pasta or risotto. It’s also a great place for lunch if you come in the evening and want to choose from a wider menu. No matter when you dine there, the ingredients are always fresh and the pasta, bread and pastries are made here. The best way to get there is by foot or bike, but the closest tram stop is Westerkerk.

is recommended for Lunch because: Bussia, a romantic Italian restaurant on nine small streets, is a great place for a three- or four-course lunch.

Jessica’s expert advice: Ask for a wine recommendation

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Single 404

Single 404

Image courtesy of Singel 404

Singel 404 is not just an ordinary address in Singel. It is much more. Singel 404 is a cozy canalside cafe famous for its delicious, affordable sandwiches. The restaurant offers a variety of hearty breads and almost every sandwich imaginable. The combinations are heaven. If you still have room at the end of the meal, be sure to order a slice of cake (or come back later). You’ll leave stuffed but satisfied and ready to conquer the rest of your day. The restaurant has two levels, but it’s still a bit small. You may have to wait for a table, but it’s definitely worth the wait.

is recommended for Lunch because: Singel 404 offers almost every sandwich topping you can imagine, and the combinations are awesome.

Jessica’s expert advice: Come hungry!

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