During the pandemic, Kazakhstan’s economy was highly resilient

During the pandemic, Kazakhstan’s economy was highly resilient

During the pandemic, Kazakhstan’s economy was highly resilient

Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Askar Mamin spoke about the unprecedented pace of digitization in all sectors of the economy and people’s lives due to the coronavirus pandemic, zakon.kz reports.

According to him, the introduction of more digital technologies is subject to social restrictions private sector has become one of the main mechanisms of adaptation to doing business. Accelerated implementation of digital solutions by government agencies has responded to the need to provide public services with limited physical participation.

Widespread dissemination of distance learning and learning formats has helped to stabilize the functions of society and prevent a decline in incomes and quality of life, – he said at the international forum “Digital Almaty 2021”.

As a result, Kazakhstan is experiencing unprecedented growth in the digital economy.

Citing data from global financial institutions, the Prime Minister noted that in 2020, the cost of IT-technologies will exceed $ 3.9 trillion. The cloud computing market grew by more than 20% to $ 266 billion. Given the rapid dynamics, by 2023 this figure is expected to exceed $ 600 billion.

The accelerated introduction of digital technologies in all sectors of the economy and life has become a deterrent to the negative consequences of the pandemic. I am glad to note that in the event of a pandemic, Kazakhstan’s economy has shown a fairly high level of stability, largely due to the introduction of digital solutions in all sectors of the public and private sectors, – said Mamin.

The Prime Minister noted that despite the obvious restrictions, the Government has accelerated the work to ensure the availability and quality of digital infrastructure.

In 2020, we have completed the implementation of the PPP project for the construction of 20 thousand km of fiber-optic communication lines. More than a thousand mobile base stations have been installed, which has significantly reduced the level of technological inequality in the regions. As a result, the Internet coverage of the population of Kazakhstan was 99%. In general, the share of public services available online has reached 93%, – he said.

This progress has been widely supported by international institutions, he said he continued. In 2020, Kazakhstan rose 10 places in the UN ranking of e-government development and ranked 29th out of 193 countries.

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