State diplomas canceled in Kazakhstan

State diplomas canceled in Kazakhstan

State diplomas canceled in Kazakhstan

State diplomas were canceled in Kazakhstan. Starting from the new year, each university in the country will issue individual documents, reports

The main task is to increase the competition between higher education institutions. But experts are sure that Kazakhstani universities are not yet ready for such a confrontation, Khabar 24 reports.

From now on, each university has the right to choose the design and format of the official document. There will no longer be a single seal from the Ministry of Education. This is what, according to experts, will affect whether the employer recognizes the diploma. Graduates from an unpopular university will have less chance of getting a job, they say.

Any graduation diploma is a university quality certificate. In this regard, the university gives its confirmation – this or that graduate is fit for work, and gives its guarantee. When we talk about our own diplomas, this speaks of the competition between universities themselves. The main thing here is the employer, we focus on him. Chairman of the Board of the KAZGUU University Talgat Narikbayev.

In this situation, regional universities will be the first to feel the difficulties, experts say. According to them, they will not be able to compete with the universities of the capital or Almaty, which are so popular among applicants. This can lead to their closure. But most of all, experts are concerned about the quality of the new type of documents. Experts fear that in a few years the number of fake diplomas, and with them incompetent specialists, may increase dramatically.

Now the question is how the normative legal acts of the law will be implemented. If it is possible to circumvent these standards, then, of course, there is a risk of an increase in the number of fake diplomas. Such documents exist even now under the full control of the Ministry of Education. We know cases when 200 students entered a university and 500 graduated. I think this process will be regulated. The only question is how high the quality is, ”said independent expert Ayatzhan Akhmetzhanuly.

In the relevant department, they flatly deny even the smallest probability of speculation against the background of issuing diplomas with an individual design.

First, each document will have its own degrees of protection. These can be QR codes or watermarks. Secondly, all data will be collected and stored in a single register.

In order to check their authenticity later, they will be in the register, which the ministry will keep, codes, numbering and series will be provided to each university. Many diplomas over the past 5 years have been added to eGov, and everyone can see their diploma, pull it out. Because all documents on education are being digitized. Now more than 2 million have already been digitized, – explained Banu Narbekova, Deputy Director of the Department of Higher Postgraduate Education of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

However, this innovation will not affect medical schools.

According to the rector of the Astana Medical University Dainius Pavalkis, the Health Code stipulates that a general standard diploma is issued.

The state guarantees that all medical schools must produce standard quality doctors. And the diploma is issued for everyone according to the same requirements. In addition, graduates of military and other specialized higher educational institutions, as well as colleges will receive diplomas of the previous model, – he noted.

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