Glamorous old ladies on Instagram teach not to be afraid of retirement

Glamorous old ladies on Instagram teach not to be afraid of retirement

Glamorous old ladies on Instagram teach not to be afraid of retirement

Everyone is used to the fact that popular instabloggers are all 20-year-old beauties with a stunning figure, dressed in clothes from the most fashionable brands, reports

But, as notes, ladies over 60 can deserve the title of glamorous divas of all Instagram.

Lyn Slater, 64, is a professor at Fordham University in New York, but she is better known to the general public as a model and fashion blogger. Calling this stylish woman a grandmother simply does not dare. Lin Slater treats her age calmly, does not perceive it as some kind of framework. Now she is an idol not only for the older generation, but also for young people.

Lin Slater’s account is not an exception, but rather a trend. Increasingly, older people make themselves known on social networks with the statement that age is just numbers.

These women are ambassadors of age, says photographer and journalist Ari Seth Cohen. In his opinion, they are gradually changing the attitude of society towards old age. – The very concept of how an elderly woman should look has changed. If a woman was stylish in her youth, she will remain so.

Age dictates the order of life more. Physical and financial condition, intelligence now have a much greater impact.

A woman over 50 can now be more than just a mother or grandmother. She can be an entrepreneur, motorcyclist, marathon runner. Her lifestyle is not determined by age, but by interests, says the Elastic Generation study.

In 2017, 83-year-old Dory Jacobson, who was once a Playboy bunny, aroused public interest. In her venerable age, she became a lace lingerie model. Jacobson encourages people to break with stereotypes about how older women should dress.

Finally, the fashion world is starting to change. Designers began to recognize the diversity of not only skin colors, but also ages. May Musk modeled for Concept Korea, Yasmine Le Bon posed for Armani, and even 65-year-old Isabella Rossellini returned to fashion Olympus to become the face of LancĂ´me.

True, the Elastic Generation study nevertheless noted that this trend is superficial. Women over 50 are much less represented in the fashion industry than we would like. According to a study by Bank of America Merrill Lynch, people between the ages of 50 and 70 have the highest purchasing power. Well, on the catwalks there are mostly 20-year-old models, and every woman of age at a fashion show is perceived as a sensation. But in social networks they have an army of fans. Such attention of these women pleases, but not always.

Men are constantly writing. It scares me sometimes. I delete their messages, says Ian Correll, 60.

Nevertheless, the result is most often positive. Instagram gives these women a sense of solidarity that may have been lacking in other aspects of their lives. Not everyone lives in large cities, so social networks give them socialization in the first place, which can lead to friendship.

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