Astana residents complain about the high level of dangerous radiation

Astana residents complain about the high level of dangerous radiation

Astana residents complain about the high level of dangerous radiation

Residents of one of the districts of Nur-Sultan suffer massively from oncology and serious chronic diseases, reports

According to the Astana TV channel, people believe that the high level of radiation from the high-voltage power lines is to blame. The permissible level is indeed exceeded dozens of times. This was confirmed by the National Center for Expertise. But there is still no talk of resettlement of residents from the dangerous area. People have heard only promises for over 20 years.

According to Sasha’s parents, the child, at the age of 11, has already undergone two chemotherapy treatments. When he was nine years old, a swelling appeared in his armpit, which quickly grew into a tumor. Parents say that the boy was born completely healthy. If not for the high-voltage power lines near the house, he would not have suffered from pain.

And when they did PET CT, it turned out that he had bleeding lymphoma all over his body and in his groin. And immediately, the next day, they started chemotherapy. resident of Nur-Sultan Mikhail Ptashenko

It is noted that almost every inhabitant of these streets is registered in a hospital with an oncological or chronic disease, and people blame this on the power lines.

They irradiated us for 23 years. It was their fault. And we suffer because of this. You see, an electromagnetic field comes from it, which in wet weather increases 10 times. Now, if, for example, it will show 40 in dry weather, in wet weather it will show 400. resident of Nur-Sultan Svetlana Lomakina

Astana residents recall that these power grids were brought into the district urgently in the 1990s, since energy was needed to build a new capital. According to them, they promised to relocate local residents, as it is dangerous to live near the towers. The authorities recognized this, but everything remained only in words.

I already suffer from a stroke, a heart attack. On our street 10 people have already died of cancer. It is now our turn. We ask you to take measures and pay compensation to those who live in this hazardous area, like the Semipalatinsk landfill. We are also no worse than the Semipalatinsk test site, all people suffer, even our grandchildren are ill. resident of Nur-Sultan Oraz Saduev

Reportedly, people have been complaining for decades, writing letters to the akimat. As a result, the city authorities allocated money for examination in an independent laboratory. Its experts confirmed that the level of radiation in the area is too high. Moreover, as much as a hundred times. However, the Akmola electricity distribution company doubted the accuracy of the readings.

The norm for a person, where it is forbidden to be 20 kilovolts per meter, and there are two thousand. This, roughly speaking, is 100 times higher. According to the passport data, the measurement limit of this device is 100 kilovolts per square meter. The device cannot show more than its passport limits. Chief Engineer of Akmola Electricity Distribution Company JSC Alexander Syrvachev

The energy company said that they will conduct a new measurement of the strength of the electromagnetic field the other day. According to its results, residents are promised to give an exact answer.

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