Everyone on the street died of cancer

Everyone on the street died of cancer

Everyone on the street died of cancer

Magnetic radiation from electric wires would kill us. Speaking about the base, residents of the capital said that the high-voltage poles erected on the streets in the late 90’s are threatening their lives. People have not been able to come to the reception of the mayor for several years. Recently, the number of cancer deaths has increased in Baikonur district. zakon.kz reports with reference to the first channel of Eurasia.

Locals consider this area on the right bank of the capital to be a hotbed of cancer. This is due to high-voltage poles running through the middle of the street. The resulting magnetic radiation appears to pose a serious threat to human health. This is evidenced by the fact that in the last year on Kultegin Street 4 people died of cancer.

These high-voltage wires are popularly known as “death poles”. Powerful electrical appliances passing through the roofs of their houses have completely damaged their health. The vast majority of those present had chronic illnesses. Several patients appear to be registered in clinics.

Raikhan Ibrayeva, a resident of the city:

How much we suffer from this high voltage. No one asks the government for more. We have been paying our taxes and everything for many years. We now have the right to ask for what we need. Both my children have the same allergies, my little grandson has diabetes. My disabled husband and I.

According to the society, the magnetic radiation from electric wires located in the private sector is several times higher than normal. They say that we have a headache for many years.

Banu Saduova, a resident of the city:

4 neighbors came here. It was not warm. Everything from oncology. Mukhtar, aunt Roza, Sergey and Orynbek returned here. Oncology, everything is oncology. We don’t need a road, we don’t need light. Do we turn on the light when we are about to die? One foot is in the grave, one foot is in the grave. Please, we need a demolition.

After the noise of the residents, the representatives of the agency responsible for the electricity pylons also showed their heads. According to them, the high-voltage wires are laid in accordance with the law and have the relevant documents. I do not agree with the statement that magnetic radiation is higher than normal. They said they were ready to retest.

Alexander Syrvachev, Deputy Head of Akmola Electricity Distribution Company JSC:

At that time, all the necessary documents for the construction of these electric poles were issued. Agreements have also been reached with government agencies. Has been operating since 1999. Our company has already received reports that the magnetic radiation of electric poles is high. But we do not agree with him. We are ready to conduct another inspection together with the population.

About 1,000 people live on this street in Baikonur district. Most of them bought land and built houses in the 90s. And now, if I want to sell real estate, it doesn’t work. Therefore, victims of magnetic radiation demand that their old houses be demolished and replaced with new ones.

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