Putin warned of the end of civilization

Putin warned of the end of civilization

Putin warned of the end of civilization

Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed the hope that a “hot global conflict” is now impossible in the world, otherwise, he stressed, it would mean “the end of civilization.” He stated this at the Davos Forum, reports zakon.kz with reference to RBC.

He noted that the existing contradictions in the world “are twisting, as they say, in a spiral.”

As you know, the inability and unwillingness to resolve such problems in essence in the 20th century turned into a catastrophe of the Second World War. Of course, now such a global hot conflict, I hope, is in principle impossible, I really hope so, it would mean the end of civilization, the Russian leader emphasized.

At the same time, he noted that the situation can develop “unpredictably and uncontrollably” if no attempts are made to prevent this.

Nevertheless, Putin warned, there is a danger of facing a real disruption in world development, which will be fraught with the struggle of “all against all.”

This will lead to attempts to resolve urgent contradictions through the search for internal and external enemies, the destruction of basic freedoms and values, he believes.

Vladimir Putin said that the coronavirus pandemic has accelerated structural changes in the world, the preconditions for which have already been formed.

According to him, there is reason to believe that there are risks of further growth of contradictions.

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