The Kazakh breed Tazy is not recognized in the International Cynological Federation

The Kazakh breed Tazy is not recognized in the International Cynological Federation

The Kazakh breed Tazy is not recognized in the International Cynological Federation

Purebred Tazy dogs on the verge of extinction reports with reference to the First Channel Eurasia.

The Kazakh breed is not recognized in the International Cynological Federation. But there are chances, local breeders are convinced.

Vangelia is a purebred pots. The steppe aristocrat is known far beyond Kazakhstan. She has received many awards. It is considered the “golden dog” of Kazakhstan. At the largest canine exhibition on the planet, she could become a world champion, but only one point prevented her from taking this title.

This book describes the standards for dog breeds that are registered in the world. And in this chapter there are varieties that are not yet recognized. Here is the same pots. In the old days, only three Tazy dogs could feed a whole village. They have always been cherished and appreciated. Even instead of a dowry, they were given tazy, and sometimes a whole herd of horses was asked for a purebred dog.

Elena Khardina devoted many years to the revival and preservation of the national breed of Tazy.

This is a unique breed and is in demand. We have already taken a dog to Hungary, Turkey, Belarus, they love dogs very much. Ukraine loves this breed, Russia – for its versatility. They have endurance, vigilance, quickness, speed, intelligence. Each country is proud of its breeds. The German Shepherd – the country of origin is already clear, the English Bulldog – the country of origin is clear. And they are all registered. It’s a shame that our breed is not recognized in the world. head of the regional branch of the Union of Cynologists of Kazakhstan Elena Khardina

Thoroughbred pots from a resident of Ust-Kamenogorsk are dismantled even before birth. Elena Hardina became not only a cynologist, but also a veterinarian. Today an avid hunter Arsen brought her week-old puppies to her reception.

These are the grandchildren of Elena Vitalievna. My dogs are the children of the dogs you filmed. This is the third litter of my dogs. hunter Arsen Efseev

Elena Khardina and her like-minded people have one task – to ensure that the Kazakh breed is registered in an international canine organization. And for this you need to provide a thousand dogs with a pedigree, but this is not easy.

Arsen’s litter in 2019, two girls left for Turkey, and Murat from Turkey is constantly taken into account, talks about her workers, I sent documents for these dogs that live in Turkey to Almaty for registration. Elena Hardina

Many Kazakhstanis mix the breed, and this does not allow keeping the Tazy purebred.

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