Dozens of cars were damaged in a major fire in Almaty

Dozens of cars were damaged in a major fire in Almaty

Dozens of cars were damaged in a major fire in Almaty

About 20 cars were damaged in a fire in a service station in Almaty, reports

On February 2, at 21:52, a message about a fire at the service station at the address: Bostandyk district, st. Satpayeva, 139. Fire brigades left for the highest call rank. Upon arrival at the place of the call, it was established that the service station was burning with an open flame, there was a threat of fire spreading to a group of garages from the north side, to the Royal Petrol gas station from the south side, as well as to parked cars on the territory of the service station. Immediately, fire nozzles were supplied to extinguish the service station and protection, tank trucks were installed on fire hydrants, 2 combat areas were created to extinguish the fire. press service of the emergency department of Almaty

According to preliminary estimates, about 20 vehicles burned down from the fire. 4 cars were damaged from heat. Another 15 vehicles were evacuated.

Evacuators of the Rescue Service “109” were used to clear the access roads. (…) By the measures taken, localization was achieved at 23:09, at 23:47 the fire was extinguished on a total area of ​​600 sq. m with a total building area of ​​1300 sq. m. The measures taken have not allowed the spread of fire at the filling station (from the south). There are no casualties or injuries, the cause of the fire is being established, – the Emergency Situations Department specified.

Photo: DChS Almaty

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