What annoys hairdressers the most about their clients’ behavior

What annoys hairdressers the most about their clients’ behavior

What annoys hairdressers the most about their clients’ behavior

Hairdressers have revealed the most annoying behavior of their clients during hair care procedures. A related discussion appeared on the Reddit portal. reports zakon.kz.

According to Lenta.ru, one of the stylists said that some salon visitors lie to the masters about whether their hair was dyed before. According to him, the truth is revealed during the secondary paint application.

We’ll find out about it anyway. Your lies only complicate and add value to the subsequent correction. We absolutely do not care what you dyed your hair, we just need to know it for granted in order to calculate a strategy for further work with your hairstyle, – explained the user with the nickname liketostilist.

Another user asked not to be rude to hairdressers and to be polite if they didn’t like the haircut. According to him, in case of complaints, most of the masters will simply want to help and fix the situation. In addition, he recommended not wearing a sweatshirt or high-necked jumper when going to a beauty salon, as these things get in the way during the procedure.

In turn, a hairdresser under the pseudonym space_elf_ expressed dissatisfaction with clients “exposing their political beliefs to the public.”

It’s like they think that when they sit in a chair, etiquette is thrown out the window. I have no problem discussing “controversial” topics, but I have to take care of the comfort of other people, who can also become involuntary listeners of the conversation. I do not go deep into such conversations, because I do not want to receive complaints in my address, – he said.

Another tip was shared by the stylist with the nickname TaJobReviewer. He explained that the hairdresser is not offering to buy additional hair care products to make more money.

Do not go off on a person if he offers you to buy shampoo. Chances are, he hates him even more than you do. The point is that stylists are required to follow sales guidelines. Otherwise, they will be reprimanded for the fact that the salon has not sold a certain amount of goods. Just be polite and say “no” if you are not interested in the offer, – stressed the user.

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