Why farmers massively slaughter livestock in WKO

Why farmers massively slaughter livestock in WKO

Why farmers massively slaughter livestock in WKO

An emergency may occur in one of the regions of Western Kazakhstan, where there is a sorely lack of feed for livestock. Due to the drought, farmers were unable to procure the required amount of hay. Now there is nothing to feed the animals. The peasants are forced to destroy the livestock, reports zakon.kz.

According to the TV channel “Astana”, in the summer the Zhangalinsky region was covered with drought. In winter, local livestock breeders now have nothing to feed their livestock. They were able to procure only 60% of the required feed volume. Farmer Kadyr Imashev worries about the fate of his cows, sheep and rams. Due to the lack of hay, the animals will most likely have to be slaughtered.

We have no water in the area, so we could not collect the necessary supply of hay. I could not stock up on hay even for 6 head of cattle. Took only 6 rolls. And now the winter is not over yet, and there is already nothing to feed the cattle. Kadyr Imashev, a resident of Zhangalinsky district

The akimat recognizes the problem. Hay is scarce in five districts, officials said. Where thick grass used to grow is now bare ground. The authorities are forced to buy feed in other areas of the region.

We want to save all livestock and prevent emergencies. We coordinated this issue with the regional akimat and allocated money from the budget for this purpose. Due to the drought, which has been going on for the third year in a row, we have no hay in the area. Therefore, we have to buy feed in other parts of the region. Akim of Zhangalinsky district Nauryzbay Karagoishin

According to the district akim, 14 million tenge was allocated from the local budget for these purposes. This money is used to hire transport, bring hay and sell it to villagers at a reduced cost.

We have not officially registered the death of livestock due to the lack of hay in the Zhangalinsky district, but there is indeed a problem of a shortage of feed in the district. 2,200 rolls of hay and 62 tons of grain have been delivered to the region today. Press Secretary of the Department of Agriculture of the WKO Nurgul Mukanova

According to a report by officials of the regional department of agriculture, the region has fulfilled the plan for the procurement of feed by 103%, but these figures cannot be fed to animals. Therefore, some villagers have already begun to take their livestock for slaughter.

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