Why are seeds dangerous?

Why are seeds dangerous?

Why are seeds dangerous?

Five dangers of sunflower seeds have been named, zakon.kz reports.

According to the endocrinologist and candidate of medical sciences Zuhra Pavlova, the seeds contain a huge amount of fatty acids, and Omega-6 prevails. Unlike healing Omega-3s, Omega-6s increase inflammation in the body and are the first to be absorbed.

In addition, seeds are high in calories and provoke appetite. There are almost 600 calories in 100 grams of seeds.

Raw seeds contain vitamins and nutrients.

However, most people love roasted seeds. And this is immediately a source of end products of glycation (CNG) – one of the main factors of aging. Our body can neutralize a fairly limited amount of CNG per day, and I am sure that this reserve should be spent on something really tasty, such as barbecue, and not on seeds, ”the specialist told NTV.

Sunflower seeds are a “dirty” product that can contain eggs of parasites and so on.

Also seeds spoil teeth. Moreover, the matter is not limited to small chips, often the cracks from the seeds go along the entire tooth.

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