Chinese Families Get Together For Bittersweet Reunions Around Lunar New Year

Chinese Families Get Together For Bittersweet Reunions Around Lunar New Year

Chinese Families Get Together For Bittersweet Reunions Around Lunar New Year

Sandy Bai exclaims, “I’m so excited to go home this time.” “I’m glad I’ll get to see my entire family,” the speaker said.The young communicator, who resides in Hong Kong, hasn’t gone back to Shanghai in three years. Bahis10bets last saw her family in 2020 when she traveled to China for the Spring Festival, often known as the Lunar New Year.


That visit took place right before the pandemic was proclaimed, and in the years that followed, China’s zero-Covid policy, which compelled travelers to stay in quarantine for weeks, kept her away from her family. Millions of Chinese are returning home this weekend to celebrate the start of the Year of the Rabbit, which begins on Sunday, as the majority of Covid restrictions have been lifted.
However, the abrupt reversal of zero-Covid has led to an increase in cases in recent weeks, dampening what is the Chinese people’s biggest holiday of the year.

Families can get together, celebrate one another’s accomplishments, and come together for a new beginning. But it will be bittersweet this year. Even as large swathes of China turn festive red – the colour of the Spring Festival – it’s hard to miss the white, the sign of a household in mourning.
Others are not celebrating because they are grieving the loss of a loved one or tending to a sick member, while some families are excited to assemble around the table as they always have. Lunar new year Then there are people who are cheering but have a sorrowful heart since they are aware that there are no seats filled Lunar New Year.

Just a few weeks before the Spring Festival, Melody Liu, a resident of Beijing, lost her grandfather earlier this month.
She claims that the moment was chaotic. For several days, the family was unable to locate an intensive care bed. And then, with crematoria and funeral homes filling up, they had to pull strings to find him a final resting place ,legalpassportservices.

Melody and her family are in no mood to celebrate the holiday this year – but she says they will nevertheless meet because her 90-year-old grandmother doesn’t yet know of her grandfather’s passing.

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“Grandpa is still in the ICU, we informed her. Simply put, we can’t tell her the truth “Melody declares. “I believe he is still here, looking over us.”

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